General Information

  • How do I save a meal plan I have made?
  • How do I use a pre-made meal plan?
  • What about recipes for people with allergies?
  • What if I just want to search for recipes by the mealtime?

Using the Meal Plan Assistant, after creating your meal plan, click "Save Plan", after which the plan will appeal under "My Account" in the "Saved Meal Plans" page. Rename this as you please by clicking on the name of the plan.

If assembling a plan manually, after choosing all the recipes you want, click on "Planner" at the top. At the bottom of the planner page is the option to name and save the meal plan to the "Saved Meal Plans" page.

When viewing one of our preset meal plans, selecting "Copy to Current Plan" will copy all the recipes in our premade plan to your current planner.

You can then save them to your account.

The Search feature allows you to only see recipes that satisfy your current needs.

This includes only viewing recipes that are gluten or dairy free or vegan.

Either scroll down the Home Page to see the different meal/course categories or go to the Explore Recipes tab at the top of the page and scroll down to the appropriate meal/course.


  • How do I sign up?

Underneath "My Account" is the "My Subscription" option.

Here the option to renew a voucher code or to sign up to pay for a subscription, either recurring or non-recurring, for a month or years period, is available.


  • Can I change between Metric and Imperial measurements?
  • How do I change the serving sizes?
  • How do I search using specific ingredients
  • Why do some ingredients appear to be underlined?

Yes. Just click on the scales symbol at the top of the ingredients list of a recipe to change to the other system!

Click on the scales again to change back.

Simply click on the box containing the current service size number, then scroll through the dropdown for the serving size you are looking for and select it.

The recipe will then update itself with this new information, multiplying all the ingredients up or down for you!

By clicking "show advanced search", one of the available options is to search by ingredient, add the name of the ingredient you are searching for.

If searching for more than one, add a comma between each ingredient before pressing search.

Some ingredients are generally less well known and may be harder to identify when shopping. 

By hovering the mouse over underlined ingredients, a picture and a brief description of the ingredient are shown.

Technical Support

  • How do I print a recipe?
  • How do I produce a shopping list?

Just underneath the picture of each recipe is the print button, to the right of the Favourite option and Star Rating.

After a meal plan has been saved, go to "Saved Meal Plans" under "My Account" and click underneath the plan name "Generate New Shopping List".

The shopping list will then be generated and saved to the Meal Plan; you can do this multiple times if needed.